The Presence Of Wildlife In Our World Is A Treasure, One That We Will Never Be Able To Reclaim If It Disappears.

Favorite Monkey Supports WCN'S Mission To Protect Endangered Species And Preserve Their Natural Habitats By Supporting Entrepreneurial Conservationists Who Pursue Innovative Strategies For People And Wildlife To Co-Exist And Thrive.

37 countries are home to WCN-supported wildlife conservation programs.
Wildlife around the world is increasingly threatened. Historically, one out of every one million species became extinct each year; since the Industrial Revolution in the mid-1800’s, this rate of extinction has increased rapidly. Recent studies have shown that rates of extinction are currently 10 to 100 times higher than normal and that the world is on the brink of a sixth mass extinction, the first since the time of the dinosaurs.

WCN was built on the premise that one person can truly make a difference for wildlife. Independent wildlife conservationists have the power to ensure a future for wildlife by developing new solutions and working closely with communities to save endangered animals. In order to succeed, these wildlife heroes need funding to run their programs and assistance to build their organizations and ensure their efforts are scalable and sustainable. WCN partners with leading independent wildlife conservationists, providing them with an array of services and training in areas such as marketing, accounting, and strategic planning. WCN also creates connections to donors who can make these conservationists’ work possible.